Changbo Liu


Changbo Liu, Chief Physician, Internal Medical

  • Graduated from the Harbin Medical University major in Medical, Department of Respiratory Medicine, director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital, chief physician. Respiratory Medicine, vice chairman of the provincial committee. Provincial Tuberculosis Committee Board of Directors.

  • In 2003, as province anti-SARS team leader, deputy head of provincial Medical Malpractice panelists. Provincial Health Department Accreditation senior judges Medicine.

  • Had training in Japan tonami hospital.

  • More than 40 years of clinical work,

  • Teaching and research in the medical accumulated rich experience.

  • Authored more than 30 articles and abroad valuable thesis.

  • Good treatment: diagnosis and treatment of the main refractory lung infections, asthma, lung cancer and other intractable. Refractory pleural effusion, pneumothorax, respiratory failure, pneumonia, among other unique direct research. Cardiopulmonary diseases, emergency first aid, and has extensive experience in a variety of Poisoning.